A downloadable game for Windows

You are loaded in a simulation that will test and optimize your handgun combat skills. You have to find a USB key and plug it in the laptop of the level to move up to the next one. These areas will be loaded with enemies using night vision goggles in complete darkness. Your only way through the obscurity is your flashlight with limited battery. 

Additional notes: Some feature on launch are not shown in the demo.

For the complete and fully updated game click the steam link.

Install instructions

Extract the files in a folder.
Click Darkness Restricted.exe
This is my first game so donation help alot.
The game is still in development and should be out soon!
You might have to crank up your luminosity.
If you have any questions about the game message me on instagram, I will be happy to respond to it!

Enjoy :) 


Darkness Restricted Demo ITCH.zip 42 MB


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cool concept, I really felt anxiety with the restricted vision, what annoyed me the moste was the mouse controls, have you tried with the pivot on the center of the screen? the way it it right now is counter intuitive, also, some messages says that I have to use E but only works space bar

hi siwoku! this is a very old version of the game, the complete version is now on steam for about 2$ US, there's also a complete tutorial that shows the way the controls should be handled to your advantage and to be confortable


oh, I see, now is clearer why it should be like that.
BTW, how is it doing? I am working on another game, but I am not sure how to market it or even set a price range, is Steam a good place to start? 

Read a lot online about it and try to be involved with groups of people.