A downloadable game for Windows

Shuriken Light is a Top-Down survivor.

Last as long as you can against Warriors, Scouts, Mage and Archer to beat your own High score.

This was my first gamejam and I am very proud of the result :)!

Post your High Score in the comments below!
Guess the language used.

Any donation will be used to buy a mobile license and finish the game. Kickstarter

By the creator of Darkness Restricted,

IG: rg_gamedev

PS: I also recorded the whole process ~about 17 hours raw~, if I get 10+ comments that are interested, I will make a complete tutorial on how to make this game step by step.  This includes sound/coded-animation(skeleton technique)/drawing/programming and more.

Also sound is very low, a mistake I've seen after uploading. Make sure you crank your sound up!

Install instructions

120HZ + Monitor will greatly improve gameplay. (programmed 120steps)

Click and Play :)!


Shuriken_Light.zip 3 MB


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Hey man, thanks for the follow. I make music and sfx for a living, would you like some?

Maybe in the future

(1 edit)

sure! whenever you need, just ask

Very well made game. The concept is pretty interesting. I recommand it to everyone. It could be awesome if it was playaeble  on phones.

I write my highscore here aswell if any non jammers try this game. My highscore is 106. And you should definetely show the progress of the game if you have it recorded!